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Linga Technologies was started in September 14, 2014 with a team of mechatronics graduates. Our concern focused with new product development, process automation, service provider for machining and fabrication works. LINGA TECHNOLOGIES otherwise known as one roof solution for mechatronics engineering sector. Our concern’s primary objective is to solve the issues that rise in the industries due to the lack of higher end technology and machine automation. We look into the all areas where automation may be done to reduce the man power with efficient consumption of resource and time.

LINGA TECHNOLOGIES also concentrate on development of customized mechatronics system, in order for innovative product development, by using mechanical, electrical and electronics components. Our prime motive is mechatronics product design, development and integration depending upon our society requirements. We design our product and manufacture them with quality components from our well established suppliers. Similarly the choice of components for our electrical and electronics components will be done in such a way that they suit the product design and manufacturer.

Linga technologies concentrate on high quality engineered products. Since 2000 ,we experience in this field. And pioneer in trading of 100 containers. We bound of engineers work with our associate in processing of factory production along with technical touch. Hence we become quality trend setters for these trading products.

Mechatronics Products Manufacturer


  • Team of mechatronics graduates along with our experienced associate concerns we are working together for our society industrial needs
  • Our enthusiastic engineers also pleased to work with challenging industrial environment
  • Linga technologies automation we work proudly ensuring the principles of client focus.


  • Challenging the challenging jobs.
  • Innovation beyond Imagination.
  • Quality cost effective & timely delivery of mechatronics products.
  • Linga Technologies for further automation.


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Linga Technologies
Linga Technologies is the best mechanical engineering design and development company. We are the well known service provider of machining, process & industrial automation system and etc.,