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College Instrument Calibration

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College Instrument Calibration

Calibration is a process of finding a relationship between two unknown quantities. When a quantity is known, which is made (or) set with one device, another measurement is made in a similar way as possible with the first device.

Purpose of calibration?

  • To ensure readings from an instrument are consistent with other measurements.
  • To determine the accuracy of the instrument readings.
  • To establish the reliability of the instrument (i.e.) that it can be trusted.
Linga technologies calibration focuses on:
  • Traceability: Reality your measurement to other.
  • Reliability: Can I trust the instrument?
  • Uncertainty: How accurate are your measurements.
  • Achieving traceability in your measurements.
  • Adjustment: What a calibration is and is not.
  • What a calibration certificate contains.
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