Process control system Integration -

Process control system Integration

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Process control system Integration

Linga Technologies brings cutting-edge technology in the field of control system engineering to create transformational changes to your processes and drive process efficiency.

Versatility & flexibility have been the pathways for innovationsin the field Robotics and Automation enabling their implementation in large volume industries such as automotive products manufacture, consumer products and electronic devices assembly. Robotics and Automation form the fulcrum of success for many industries especially in areas where highly repetitive operations, complex and hazardous work conditions are inevitable during the production process.

With the rapidly evolving market demands, a wider spectrum of industries focus on incorporating advanced and more sophisticated manufacturing technologies to succeed and sustain in the competitive scenario. Industries involved in either large-volume business and, in many cases, even small & medium volume businesses can benefit from what robotics and automation has to offer in order to achieve their business goals.

  • Reduction in various costs
  • High productivity
  • Undiminishing quality
  • Elimination of Occupational health and safety risks
  • Greater flexibility or scalability
  • Effective productivity monitoring and control
  • Consistent & diligent performance

Linga Technologies is focused on helping your objective of cost reduction through increased productivity, low lead time, avoidance of occupational health & safety related costs, minimal set-up time, and repetitive tasks capability with higher accuracy. This reflects on providing competitive solutions effectively for new manufacturing paradigms, new products and innovative business models.

process control or automation system (PAS) is used to automatically control a process such as dyeing, knitting, comporting, printing, embroidering…..etc in textile factories. The PAS often uses a network to interconnect sensors, controllers, operator terminals and actuators.

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