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Product design and development

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Product design and development

Experience tangible results from Linga Technologies’ New Product Development (NPD) services, that span the entire Product Development Life Cycle right from conceptualization through design and prototyping till manufacturing and realization of the product.

We follow a concurrent process building the product from concept to commercial form incorporating several innovative product strategies enabling you to successfully position and launch a new product. The NPD process faces new risks and uncertainties and often additional information is documented and shared with the manufacturing teams. The challenges development ofenhanced or radical products in New Product Development processes are to be made feasible to work with iterative, innovative and implementable approaches.

LINGA TECHNOLOGIES also concentrate on development of customized mechatronics system, to support the  innovative product development, by using mechanical, electrical and electronics components. Our prime motive is mechatronics product design, development and integration depending upon our society requirements. We design our product and manufacture them with quality components from our well established suppliers. Similarly the components for our electrical and electronics components are carefully chosen in a way that they suit the product design and manufacture.

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