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Test & Measurement Automation

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Test & Measurement Automation

We automate testing that involve measurements and also work with the respective instruments, data acquisition systems, and computers. We design software to control all aspects of a test system so that the most of the actions can be completed without manual intervention. We also focus on the speeding up the process of testing with a closer eye to make sure the quality is not compromised formaking the product available in the market for purchasing, as soon as possible.

A test & measurement system constitutes of numerous electric and electronic elements. Though we have the expertise in all aspects on developing a test & measurement automation system, it is in the development of the software for these systems where we excel.We have developed a mature Global Delivery Model that ensures we deliver the highest value for our customer.

Linga technologies is especially known for its expertise in LabVIEW software development, but we also develop test & measurement software using other programming languages including C/C++, C# .NET.

Applications that we address include:

  • Design Validation Automation – Automating the testing required to validate the design of a new product, like a semiconductor chip, through measurements to ensure that it meets the design specifications
  • Manufacturing Test Automation – Consulting and development of software for Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) used for any type of manufacturing test, like the testing of hydraulic flow control valves
  • Standards Compliance Verification – Automating the testing process, which is done to verify the adaptability of the component with the system to which it’s integrated with.Since this test will have to be performed multiple times with various configurations or settings, we have made sure to reduce the iterations of the testing done to single time.
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