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Coco peat

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Coco peat

Quick Details

  • Type:Coconut Peat
  • Form:Block
  • Place of Origin:Tamil Nadu, India
  • Brand Name:Coco Peat


Available in raw form or converted into organic manure.

Special Features of Coir pith compost

  • Contains macronutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Contains micronutrients  Calcium, Copper and magnesium
  • Contains natural enzymes
  • Not only revitalizes your plants
  • Induces uniformity in growth by enhancing water retention and microbial activity
  • Improves aeration
  • Enhances the nutrient carrying capacity of plants
  • Acts as a top dressing that helps maintain moisture and reconditions the soil
  • Enhances strong heap root system
  • Stimulates production of phytohormones
  • Eco-Friendly

Coir Pith

Coir pith a waste product obtained during the extraction of coir fiber from husk is very light, highly compressible and highly hygroscopic. It is used as a soil conditioner, surface mulch/ rooting medium and desiccant. Composted coir pith is excellent organic manure for indoor plants as well as for horticulture crops. Several firms are manufacturing composted coir pith in the country.

  • Ideal pH level : 5.6 to 6.4
  • Moisture: 15 % Maximum
  • EC:Below 3 %
  • Break out Volume:Below 1 MC / Cm
  • Load Ability:75 Liters / 5 Kg Blocks
  • Block Weight:5 Kg ± 2 %
  • Block Size :30 x 30 x 12 Cms ± 1 Cm