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From poles to plant pots to hanging baskets, coir makes just about every accessory that is essential for modern day gardening.


The immature husks are suspended in a river or water-filled pit for up to ten months. During this time micro-organisms break down the plant tissues surrounding the fibers to loosen them a process known as retting. Segments of the husk are then beaten by hand to separate out the long fibers which are subsequently dried and cleaned. Cleaned fiber is ready for spinning into yarn using a simple one-handed system. This coir fiber is also known as yarn fiber, mat fiber or retted fiber. White coir fiber is mainly used for manufacturing coir products such as mats, mattings, carpets and rope.

  • Substrate promoted growth
  • Stable pH and EC values
  • Easy to manage when dry
  • Can be re-used after crop to improve soil
  • Compressed and easy to handle
  • Rapid dense root growth
  • Simple application
  • Easy to wet
  • Fully organic
  • Crops such as roses can be grown for up to 6 years in the same slab
  • Reduced labour costs due to long-life of media