Machine Twisted coir rope -

Machine Twisted coir rope

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Machine Twisted coir rope

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  • Material:Fiber


coir rope is 100% Natural with excellent elasticity properties.

Coir rope-making is a common cottage industry in India. This is where a family works together from their home. They actually work outside, somewhere with plenty of space to stretch out the lengths of rope and preferably with shade, like under big trees. The coconut fiber is attached to hooks on a wheel that is turned by hand. This twists the coir while more is added. It forms a strong rope that doesnt unwind or break.

The coir fiber industry is important for developing countries such as India and Sri Lanka. India makes 60 per cent of the worlds supply of white coir fiber. Coir rope has many uses, including tying up animals, securing loads, and webbing for beds. Coir fiber is also used to make other things like brushes, , mattress filling, padding inside furniture, sacking, garden twine, and matting for pot plants and gardens. Products made from good quality coir absorb water without weakening the fiber. Coir is the only natural fiber that resists damage by salt water.

  • coir rope is 100 % Natural
  • coir rope has excellent elasticity properties
  • coir rope is naturally resistant to insect infestations
  • coir rope is can absorb water without weakening
  • coir rope is naturally resistant to salt water damage
  • coir rope is sustainably eco-friendly
  • coir rope and coir strings’ hairiness improves growth of crops and a better yield
  • coir rope has been used successfully in Hops growing for decades
  • coir rope can be used underground agriculturally whilst still maintaining soil aeration and water absorbency