Rubber wood -

Rubber wood

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Rubber wood

Quick Details

  • Product Type:Other Timber
  • Place of Origin:Tamil Nadu, India
  • Brand Name:Wood
  • Usage:Commercial
  • Product Material:Wooden


The prophylactic treatment protects the wood against decay from fungal and termite attack. It is seasoned in kiln to avoid warping and cupping and makes it more durable

Easy Staining properties

Rubber woods light color and uniform structure make it extremely easy to stain to any desired color and finishing.

Good working qualities

Rubber woods uniform grain structure and smooth texture make sawing, gluing, cross cutting and machining easy. It can be placed to a glossy finish and has good nail and screw holding properties. It has excellent binding strength and low shrinkage ensuring dimensional stability for years. It combines the benefits of hardwood with the convenience and workability of softwood.


Rubber woods wide range of high-end uses opens the doors of opportunity to Indian exporters and global importers. With furniture co-efficient of 69, Rubber wood is ideal for furniture, flooring, paneling, molded components, internal doors& window shutter, fancy or utility products, balusters, laminated and finger jointed panel boards.


Rubber wood utilization reduces the ravaging of natural tropical forests for timber. Since rubber is a plantation crop, for every tree that is cut, a sapling is planted, to provide a sustainable and renewable source for timber.

Normally available Size

SL No Item Thickness Width Length
01 RSKD 25 mm - 50 mm 25 mm - 125 mm  Up to 1,800 mm 
02 S4S (Joint less)  10 mm - 65 mm 25 mm - 100 mm Up to 1,500 mm
03 FJS4S 12 mm - 50 mm 25 mm - 100 mm  Up to 2,400 mm
04 FJEGP  12 mm, 30 mm 1200 mm 2400 mm

Physical Properties

Compression parallel to grain 32 N/mm2
Compression perpendicular to grain  4.7 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity 9240 N/mm2
Density  560 - 640 Kg./m3


  • 4-side planed sections(S4S)
  • Finger-jointed 4-side planed section
  • Finger-jointed edge glued panels.
  • Furniture components.